A year and a half in the making, "Zero To Sixty" is almost 49 minutes of a rollicking musical glimpse into Bruce's occasionaly troubled, wisecracking soul. Featured guest artists include Jeremy Reaves, Rene' Pynaert and Chris Szjako who also co-mixed, co-produced and mastered the project. June, 2015.

1. Good Luck My Mortal Son - 1:19
2. Enough - 3:41
3. Bring My Baby Home - 3:15
4. A Special Place Has Found You - 3:38
5. The Healing - 3:47
6.The Lesser Of All Evils - 4:18
7. I Wanna' Die A Good Man (Even If It Kills Me) - 3:13
8. Here's A Happy Go Lucky Song - 3:00
9. The Will - 4:10
10. I Forgive But Not Forget - 3:55
11. Little People Make Big Mistakes - 2:46
12. The Cry Along Song - 4:27
13. Scarred - 4:23
14. Lots & Lots & Lots - 3:07
Total running time: 48:57

All songs written by Bruce Reaves except:
"The Lesser Of All Evils" - Bruce Reaves / Jan Reaves
"I Wanna' Die A Good Man (Even If It Kills Me)" - Bruce Reaves / Rene' Pynaert
"Little People Make Big Mistakes" - pat mAcdonald
"Scarred" - Bruce Reaves / Heather Mathison
All instruments and vocals - Bruce Reaves except:
"A Special Place Has Found You" - Bass guitar - Jeremy Reaves. Electric guitar - Chris Szajko.
"The Lesser Of All Evils - Acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo - Chris Szajko.
"I Wanna' Die A Good Man (Even If It Kills Me) - Acoustic guitar - Chris Szajko. Harmonica - Rene' Pynaert.
"Here's A Happy Go Lucky Song" - Bass Guitar - Jeremy Reaves. Acoustic guitar - Chris Szajko.
"The Will" - Acoustic Guitar - Chris Szajko.
"I Forgive But Not Forget" - Electric guitar solo - Chris Szajko.
"The Cry Along Song" - Baritone guitar solo - Chris Szajko. Co-tinkling wine glass and toast count - Jan Reaves.

Engineered and recorded by Bruce Reaves at "The Dark Side" with additional tracking by Chris Szajko at "Grand Master Studios" in South Bend, Indiana.
Produced and mixed by Chris Szajko and Bruce Reaves at Grand Master Studios. Mastered by Chris Szajko -
Album design, layout and graphic images - Dale O'Dell
Album artwork concept- Bruce Reaves.
Photos by Jan and Bruce Reaves.

Special thanks to Jan, Jeremy and Julia Reaves, melaniejane, pat mAcdonald, Jason Weaver, Heather, Rene', Chris, Dale, Bruce Brown, Billy T. and Chris Aaron. Love you all!
Copyright 2015 SB United LLC. All rights reserved.

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