Bruce Reaves

Bruce Reaves

"I'm a reasonably positive, very alert singer/songwriter. I have been around forever, played in a bunch of bands, been hit on by your sister or brother, left duct tape in all your favorite haunts, (unless they mysteriously burned to the ground or became "bistros") and now can be found in my cozy studio in South Bend, Indiana or performing in and around Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin where chicken wire, firearms and Tums do not exist. Not necessarily looking to be the next "big thing" but if someone is hell bent on making me rich, so be it. I ain’t dead yet!!"

Legendary singer/songwriter pat mAcdonald says this about Bruce in a quote from The South Bend Tribune dated October 3rd, 2009: "He reminded me of my friend Stan Ridgway (of Wall of Voodoo) with his crazy sort of bent lyrics and crazy storytelling. Bruce’s stuff comes off like folk art, like outsider art. In my mind, he’s an outsider writer, and that’s the thing I liked. There’s something very playful about his stuff, which I really liked when I first heard it, and still do.”

Bruce writes, records and produces his critically acclaimed music at his studio, "The Dark Side" in South Bend, Indiana. His recording credits include electric, acoustic, baritone and cigar box guitars, Kay mandolin, keyboards (including the vintage $60.00 Casio), electronic and acoustic drums and percussion, harmonica, vocals, and all other sounds. (including mistakes)

Bruce is also honored to be an annual performer at the Steel Bridge SongFest held each June in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Other performers include Jackson Browne, legendary singer/songwriter pat mAcdonald, Jane Wiedlin, (Go-Go's) Eric McFadden, (Animals, P-Funk) and Kim Mannning. (P-Funk)
In October, 2009 Bruce wrote, recorded and performed with noted drummer Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, Crowded House), Kim Manning (P-Funk), Lantz Lazwell (Jam Factory), Eric McFadden (Animals, P-Funk) and the legendary pat mAcdonald at the DARK SONGS Festival in Wisconsin.

In June of 2010 Bruce was honored to record for the first time with "The Kid Fantastic" Noah Engh, Anna Sacks, Scotty Lund, Steve Smith, Ruby James and Troy Therrien at the Steel Bridge SongFest in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.. His band West Side Gypsys (Bruce, Jeremy Reaves, Rene Pynaert) also performed on the main stage backed by noted drummer Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow).


Bruce has 5 CD'S available from the STORE page.



Critics bowed at the feet of Beck when, in the mid-'90s, he was able to successfully fuse elements of such disparate genres as funk, folk and retro-rock. Few remembered that several years earlier, husband-and-wife duo timbuk3 had brought a similar (if more homespun) eclecticism to alternative rock with their programmed drums, willfully clunky rhythms, and lyrics clever enough to rival those of the best singer/songwriters.,

Kenneth Bays - All Music Guide

timbuk3, best known for their hit song "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades," enjoyed Top 40 radio success, resulting in multi-album recording contracts, television appearances, magazine features and International touring.

In 1987, timbuk3 received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Their unforgettable video was nominated for MTV`s Best New Artist Video. Television appearances included Saturday Night Live, Late Night With Conan Obrien, Austin City Limits, MTV and Solid Gold, among others.

Besides headlining their own shows around the world, timbuk3 opened for Bob Dylan, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, James Brown and others. Commander William Walker of NASA's space shuttle Endeavor played timbuk3's  music in outer space - the highest rotation an earth-bound artist can achieve.

timbuk3 disbanded in 1996. Six years later they were inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame. The legendary boombox that helped propel timbuk3 into stardom and the top of the music charts now has a new home in Cleveland, Ohio at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!!

pat mAcdonald

pat mAcdonald

 In the interstellar desert there is a milky way bone man navigating a highway that does not exist. He speaks with a searing harmonica, setting the guitar lines on fire like the yellow breaks separating the highway at dusk as they pass in a rhythm of 33 and a 3rd, boot heels on the floorboards of a haunted car...EXOTIC UNDERGROUND, Seattle 

"I've always been drawn to the lower notes on the guitar," says mAcdonald when questioned about his sound. His trademark is a unique dirtch of dark and murky blues boogie and sex-swamp. He is the epitome of an old school one man show with his custom made boot stomp box, electric semi-hollow guitar and a voice that is at once angelic and evil. 

mAcdonald's ability to craft wry paeans to dislocation and put them inside catchy, often upbeat tunes makes him one of rock musics enduring, well-kept secrets. There are very few people out there who have the longevity and still possess the kind of brilliant power he does. -PORTLAND TRIBUNE 

After seeing mAcdonald solo, it is easy to see how other instruments might just get in the way of the boogie spook and feelings he nails. There is a scent of the sweet and dangerous, of the sexy and vulnerable. The production aids in this definition of mood and Pat's records have the added blessing of John Parish (P.J. Harvey, Eels, Sparklehorse) as producer and sometimes player on his studio ventures. 

mAcdonald has written songs for a long list of characters including Cher, Aerosmith, Peter Frampton, Imogene Heap and Pavorotti but you wouldn't know it from talking to him. With the exception of his newly re-released live record, "in the Red Room", you might have to search to find his music. 

pat has the salt and pause of an elder statesman when he speaks about his philosophy of music and life. When asked about his denial of over a million dollars in advertising, he makes a point to state that his own opinions on the subject should never condemn anyone else in their choices. "Everyone has to find their comfort zone," he says, "Music adds magic to a product being sold, but for me, the product robs magic from the music. I made a promise to myself a long time ago. It's good to keep promises you make to yourself." 


West Side Gypsys

West Side Gypsys

BRUCE REAVES- Lead vocals/ guitars JEREMY REAVES - Guitars/ looper/ harmony vocals  RENE' PYNAERT - harmony vocals / percussion/ harmonica

Mixing multiple voodoo guitar shadings with acoustic percussion and playful vocal harmonies, Bruce, Jeremy & RENE' deliver original rock compositions in a mode of energetic abandon that captures the stripped down spirit of why Rock & Roll was invented in the first place.

WEST SIDE GYPSYS have been featured performers multiple years at The Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

"Voodoo-swampbilly" commando band.

Band Interests:
Making as much semi-melodic noize as 3 humans are capable of.

Cadillac Church

Cadillac Church


Cadillac Church is a dark, but wickedly uplifting musical joyride.

Songs about cheap motels, fried chicken, parking lot beauty queens and even a plea for help to The Savior permeates this sweaty, slightly fractured look at Americana. Cadillac Church does its carnival barker best to take an uncensored leap off a musical cliff.

Band Members - Bruce Reaves and Steve Smith

Bruce, old enough to be know better, is a Midwestern self professed musically jaded soul who at least fantasizes that he has "been there, done that."

Steve, who expertly engineered and co-produced the CADILLAC CHURCH album, is an underground music industry veteran and an in demand session player in the Chicago area.

Support on the album was provided by Noah Engh including songwriting, vocals, guitar and percussion.

Released on the world famous SB United Records. Available for purchase from the STORE page.