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- N O A H   E N G H -

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When California’s Noah Engh is finger-smacking the hell out of a beat up Silvertone guitar

and rasping through a distorted mic, it often builds up to a one-man psychobilly show.

His well-traveled-greaser look fits the bill, but his slide-guitar playing is a

runaway smelter of blues, rock, country, and melodic rags.

There’s a good, sparse Delta-blues base to it all, but at his best,

Engh can fire off some impressive bursts of energy from his

seat onstage. Noah Engh might just be the dirtiest,

rawest performer found on planet earth.



                                                       Noah's new CD "Take Yer Pants Off and Dance", is a whirlwind of manic country/blues

                                       indulgence recorded in Los Angeles by all-analog producer and OWL guitarist

                                                  Jason Mezilis.